Can You Trust the Football Media?

This can relate to the media and journalism as a whole, but I’m going to concentrate on the football side of things. The damning truth is, people are starting to lose trust due to a lack of quality in what some journalists produce, whether that be by producing a false story or by being too inconsistent.

I’ll take the recent Diego Costa story as an example. The Chelsea hitman’s future was thrown in to doubt when it was reported that he had a blazing row with manager Antonio Conte, who then had a row with the fitness coaches due to a back injury and to top it off, received a multi million pound a year offer from an unnamed Chinese club. The stories were relentless, and to make it worse Costa was left out of the squad for their emphatic victory against champions Leicester City. One week later Costa was back in the team, scored, and acted like nothing happened. That’s because, not much probably did happen. If it did it was blown way out of proportion. There was one story, then another, then another. It was beginning to look like an attempt to derail a near perfect season from Chelsea’s point of view. This is what I mean by inconsistent. One of these stories could’ve been true, but which one? It is very difficult to believe what information is presented to you when there are so many different stories on the same situation.

It is the evolution of mainstream media, in all aspects. These stories are now designed to drag you in straight away and keep you hooked. Unfortunately, I think as journalists we’re missing out the basics. Things such as detailed research and proof is what made a story so interesting. It also boils down to having a neutral standing point. It is now quite clear when someone is being bias when it comes to reporting a story in Football, because it’s more than one person reporting it and over exaggerating it. Yes I want to be at the edge of my seat when seeing a breaking news story, but I don’t want to end up slouching at the end of it and thinking, what an absolute waste.


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